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I fell a year ago, really hard on my knee. I went to therapy for the knee, but even though that helped my knee, my problems were not over. I began to develop other problems on my hip and thigh which affected every aspect of my life, from sleep issues to walking, to sitting at work. I got up every day bent over because of pain from lower back down my left leg.

My life has improved 100%. I literally have a new lease on life. My pain had affected my mood and I became depressed. Now I feel energetic and positive and feel I can do much more in my life than I did before. Yes, I would without hesitation recommend this PT office to a friend or relative. The therapists are very professional and knowledgeable and caring. I am pain free.

This PT office is very organized in every way. Great camaraderie, pleasant and positive attitudes, very professional and very flexible schedules and convenient hours. They take care of all interaction with insurance company.

- Renate Reid

I’m 83 years old, and have an aggravated spinal condition. I was told by my doctor to have some physical therapy to improve my condition. As for my life after physical therapy, like day and night, I can now do my daily walk with no pain. Also can now go up and down the stairs with ease.

I would recommend this physical therapy office, and tell everyone of how my life has changed. The most valuable aspect of Enhanced Physical Therapy is their care and attention to detail. I have a hip replacement and they took care to not involve that joint in my treatment. What sets Enhanced Physical Therapy from others is their personal care, and the real care from Joanne, she is special.

- Johnny Green

I had severe pains in my right buttock, thigh, knee, and shin. I also couldn’t drive my car without pain. I had been a patient of Dr. Peter Langan and had previously gone to this establishment when it was under prior ownership, I went again. To my delight, my pain started to diminish after 3 weeks or so and now I have no discomfort at all and I can operate my car with no difficulty.

I most definitely would recommend a friend to Enhanced Physical Therapy. In fact I’ve talked to 3 of my friends about Enhanced PT so far. Enhanced PT is well organized, the people are polite and knowledgeable. The facilities are immaculate.

Believe it or not, I actually looked forward to my sessions. I knew I was in good hands and that the staff’s interest were in my behalf, getting better.

- Robert Van Meter

If you are looking for a Physical Therapist with a personal touch, I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED the professional service of Dr. Jacob Kurian at Enhanced Physical Therapy. He helped me immensely resolve a very painful back problem I was experiencing. His techniques are effective, and his encouragement and prayer invaluable. And also the staff at Enhanced Physical Therapist is very warm and efficient. The atmosphere is friendly and patients are attended to promptly. This is a great place, now I know wht to do to continue keeping my back healthy and strong on my own. BIG THANKS !!! I will miss all of you... God Bless.

- Desi Deria

Dr. Jacob Kurian is a true professional … extremely knowledgeable and constantly attuned to every patient as he moves from individual to individual. His intense dedication and his awareness during each session is evident as he continually concentrates on details by initiating adjustments to fit each patient's situation. His overall hands-on approach to enhanced physical therapy is superb. It has been my privilege and exceedingly good fortune to have been able to avail myself of Dr. Jacob Kurian's abilities, awareness and orthopedic manipulative skills. My personal evaluation and experiences lead me to believe there are none better.

- Tom Lamond

Dr. Jacob Kurian is a very good Physical Therapist and I highly recommend his service from my personal experience. I have been to other physical therapy places and the treatment that I got from Dr. Jacob Kurian is excellent. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I wasn’t able to move my shoulder and elbow without pain and had sleepless nights due to pain before I met Dr. Jacob Kurian but now I am able to move my arm properly and I feel 95% better. He has a good heart and is very caring and is sincere to his job and his patients. He is very dedicated to his work. If you are looking for an excellent therapist, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, Dr. Jacob Kurian as he is the best I have come across.

- Joseph

Dr. Jacob Kurian is knowledgeable good listener. He monitors & works with every patient in treatment. Each patient is given personal guidance & moves at his or her own pace depending on need. The staff does not watch the clock. You work until they are satisfied that you have done the best for that session. He & his staff are compassionate & dedicated at their work & Service is Amazing.

- Uma

Dr. Jacob Kurian is an exceptional Physical Therapy professional. He is skilled and caring. He monitors and works with every patient. His emphasis is on restoring movement with minimum pain. Each patient works at their own pace with adjustments made in response to the individuals needs. Dr. Jacob Kurian's staff is attentive and helpful. I would recommend Dr. Jacob Kurian without reservation.

- Elaine Feldis

I have always been a person who is active and athletic. Pain obviously is limiting in every aspect of life, relief from pain is essential to activity. I fell down a flight of ceramic steps in my kitchen, sliding on my back; a while later I began to experience severe back pain.

I saw my orthopedist, who x-rayed me, and found several bulging disks. He treated me with the drug tramadol for several weeks, and when my pain persisted he sent me to a pain management doctor. I was given three injections into my spine at different intervals, none of which helped me at all. I couldn’t stand, sit, or get in and out of my car. My pain was so severe that my orthopedist suggested I might need spinal surgery.

My exercise Teacher, Teresa Rowan, suggested Dr. Jacob Kurian for physical therapy. As soon as I got to him he examined me carefully, and diagnosed that my pelvis had gotten out of line, and was causing the pain. He began treating me with what he told me was the Mulligan method; he had been trained in it by a Dr. Mulligan. It was a series of treatments that consisted of hands-on manipulation while I exercised my legs and back muscles. Within a period of a few weeks my pain was gone!

I have seen Dr. Kurian several times in the past years, after surgery, or as a result of sports injuries, and have always been given meticulous, personal and professional time and attention. I have recommended Dr. Jacob Kurian to many friends and exercise patients because I know it will help them, and it has. What sets Enhanced Physical Therapy apart from other PT offices is their care, concern, and personal attention.

- Barbara Snyder

I came to Enhanced Physical Therapy with severe lower back pain and hip pain, I was told by my orthopedic doctor that I need physical therapy. Dr. Jacob Kurian of Enhanced Physical Therapy reviewed my case history and worked out a program for me. I started first exercising 3 times per week, then 2, and then 1.

The exercise program that was planned for me helped my back and hip pain tremendously, 95% pain free after completing my therapy. My daily life did improve, I am now able to move freely with almost no pain and I am back doing my daily routine such as going to the gym. I still do some of the exercises at home that was planned by Dr. Jacob Kurian, he advised me to keep doing them at home.

I would definitely recommend Enhanced Physical Therapy to anyone who needs physical therapy. The doctor plans the appropriate exercise for each individual’s needs. During my visits I see the doctor almost every day, most of the time he works directly with the patients and when he can’t, the staff fills in. The staff is wonderful, very friendly, courteous and professional.

Due to my lower back pain I learned how to sit properly, “your knees should be lower than your hip.” I was also shown and practiced how to pick things up the proper way, especially when objects are heavy to prevent future back pain. I had experience with one other physical therapy office, the difference here is that Dr. Jacob Kurian discusses your problem with you and he gives you one on one attention, elsewhere I never saw a physical therapy doctor just regular physical therapy staff. Here Dr. Jacob Kurian also uses the Mulligan concept which helps to eliminate pain almost immediately.

- Indranie Parmanand

I had a right knee replacement and needed routine post-op physical therapy. Then I developed left sided sciatica and I was worried I couldn’t attend an important wedding in Chicago. Since I started at Enhanced Physical Therapy I walk well now, and I can stand straight. My leg strength is much improved and I have no back pain. I made it to the wedding!

I would absolutely recommend Enhanced Physical Therapy. The staff pays a lot of attention to me and my issues. The most valuable aspect of my experience at Enhanced PT is that it was challenging and comforting at the same time. I’ve been to many other physical therapy offices. Now I will never visit anyone else. The ease of appointments and the sessions making on time, which makes the whole experience at Enhanced PT ideal.

- Kiran Shah

I had a total left knee replacement operation on June 11th, 2015, which was successful. After my stay at a short term rehab center I was informed that I would need outpatient therapy. I decided to work with people whom I have history with and trust at Enhanced Physical Therapy. Physical therapy treatment at Enhanced PT has benefitted me because now I can do things that I could not do after I left the short term rehab center. For example, I can walk better because the therapy is helping my healing process. My daily life improved because of Enhanced PT, now I can go to places that I could not go to before. Recently I attended a live concert, and I was able to sit and stand longer, and stayed until the end of the show. Whereas before my time at Enhanced PT I would not have been able to go to the show.

I would recommend Enhanced PT to my family and friends because of their hospitality which I think helps with the healing. The most valuable aspect of my experience is the total improvement from where I first started.

- Janet Dolabaille

I went to Enhanced Physical Therapy after my rotator cuff tear surgery, I was severely limited in movement of my shoulder, so much so that I did regret my decision to have surgery at one point. I became depressed. After undergoing physical therapy my attitude changed as my ability to range my shoulder improved. Presently I am able to do all the things I once did before my injury. It has improved the quality of my daily life. I am independent with performing tasks.

I would absolutely recommend Enhanced Physical Therapy because of how much it improved my life. The most valuable aspect of my experience at Enhanced Physical Therapy is the relationship I built with the physical therapist, Dr. Jacob Kurian. What sets Enhanced Physical Therapy apart from other PT offices is that the compassion and attention is unmatched.

- Pothen John

Nine months or so ago I had P.T. with scant improvement in my range of right shoulder and arm motion. It meant that I had to abandon playing the violin. I studied since age 13 and advanced to solo, orchestral, and chamber playing. It was a shock to be unable to draw my bow across the strings. My orthopedic doctor thought I should try Enhanced Physical Therapy. I did and within a month I had regained enough range of motion to begin playing again. With the aid of a sophisticated machines and closely supervised instruction and assistance stretching my right arm and shoulder. I’m now able to lift my bow arm (the right one) to the level of the G string. The G string is level with the base of my neck.

I use my right arm more spontaneously to reach above cupboards and closets. I certainly would recommend Enhanced Physical Therapy to anyone with a problem. Every worker assisting Dr. Jacob Kurian closely and religiously follow his directions. It is obvious at every turn that Dr. Jacob’s knowledge of anatomy is so profound, so detailed that he’s able to determine the best succession of stretches for each patient.

For the reasons stated, other offices have not nearly the same expertise used as a matter of course. I brought my violin to demonstrate my new found ability. An elderly man confronted me face to face, his name is Mr. Joshua, saying my playing was the sweetest sounds he ever heard.

- David Weber

I have enormous respect for the entire team at Enhanced Physical Therapy. They are professional, caring, courteous and empathic. The team works in concert with one another, creating individual treatment plans. Moreover, the plan is reevaluated often based upon progress and response. The facility is clean, equipment is maintained and appointments are timely. Should physical therapy be necessary, this is the treatment center to select.

- AnnMarie Demeo

It came to past that I felt some pains in my nerves that run from the neck to the right shoulder. All of a sudden I couldn’t lift my right arm at all. I felt handicapped, and the pain was awful. To wash my face or get something from the passenger seat. I couldn’t do it, the orthopedic suggested surgery, and I told them to let me try some physical therapy. Enhanced Physical Therapy has helped me so much now. I can move my arm almost like before. The therapy has benefitted me so much that I’m 90% free of pain.

I would recommend Enhanced Physical Therapy without a doubt because I got great results. The most valuable aspect I consider from this office is that Dr. Jacob Kurian knows what he’s doing and all the staff as well. I’m very happy because I feel good, and I’ve gained my health back.

What sets this office apart from any other PT office is the evaluation that Dr. Jacob does and that you see results from the first procedure. I went to other places and did not get any results.

- Ramon Sanchez

I am a 56 year old woman who was diagnosed with frozen shoulder, which results in a progressive limited range of motion and pains that increase in time if left untreated. I found Enhanced Physical Therapy online when looking for a local physical therapist and feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Jacob Kurian.

My experience with Enhanced PT was positive from the first visit to the very last treatment. On my first visit I met with Dr. Jacob Kurian. I am not someone who is easily impressed but I was very impressed with Dr. Kurian right away. He was attentive at all times, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He explained to me what I would need to do in order to get my full range of motion back and become pain free. With each successive visit I was further impressed with the friendly, understanding and caring nature of the entire staff. The facility is immaculately clean and maintained that way at all times. Throughout the course of my treatment, I felt a gradual improvement of my symptoms. My range of motion was improving and the pain continued to decrease until finally my shoulder felt as good as new.

I have a great deal of admiration for the team at Enhanced PT and feel the entire staff is remarkable. They always displayed a sense of teamwork and I cannot imagine any other physical therapy facility providing the same level of care and personal attention that I received. Dr. Kurian is meticulous in all aspects of each person’s treatment plan and is very hands on in each visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Kurian. His attention to detail and intense dedication, along with his level of compassion goes above and beyond what you would hope to expect. I wish to say a heartfelt thank you to Dr. Kurian and the entire staff. I have such enormous respect for him as a person and as a doctor. Thanks again!

- Cheri Finz

I want to thank you and your very competent staff for getting me back on my feet. When I first came to you 20 months ago, I was in extreme pain and had difficulty walking. After the first 3 visits I was feeling less pain and walking was improving. I was so impressed with your methods and staff who are so caring and helpful. I would say my experience gave me great hope that I would be able to continue with my active lifestyle. Thank you again, so very much, for the excellent care.

- Isabel Mastrangelo

The evening of February 25, 2019 was like any other day. I was back home after a long day’s work. However, within a few seconds of climbing the stairs, I had tripped and taken a mighty fall. My right wrist took the brunt of the fall. I was in excruciating pain and instantly knew that this wasn’t good. An x-ray at the urgent care nearby confirmed that I had a comminuted right distal fracture of the wrist (my bone had broken in to more than two fragments). Inevitable surgery followed, plates and screws were implanted to support the bones. Post- surgery, I was asked to undergo intense physiotherapy in order to regain movement and strength of my wrist. A few weeks into therapy, I was diagnosed with a frozen right shoulder that made my treatment a challenging one!

1. PT has enabled me to use my right hand again, doing normal chores back to where I was before my accident. The months after my accident were very challenging both physically and emotionally. I wasn’t able to do the things that were routine like personal grooming, hygiene etc. PT has almost restored my normal wrist and hand functions to my pre-accident life.

2. I would very much indeed recommend this PT office. Through its cheerful staff, Enhanced PT always reinforces a positive mental attitude amongst its patients in additional to the physical therapy. The therapists genuinely want to ensure that the patients are able to regain full use of their affected body parts at the earliest possible.

3. The most valuable aspect of my experience is the knowledge, warmth and cheer of the therapists that puts you at ease despite the pain. They convey a sense of confidence in our ability to reach complete recovery no matter the severity of the injury or problem.

4. What sets Enhanced PT apart from the rest is that they are a non-corporate entity. The approach of PT here is one of personal touch and customized treatments. This helps the patients recover in a wholesome manner. Unlike other centers, the treatment time for patients are dictated by the clock but by their needs. Patients are constantly under watch of the therapists to ensure that the exercises are being done in the right manner.

- Pradeep Radhakrishnan

I was in severe neck pain and vertigo dizziness problem for more than 4 years and saw up-to 4-5 different doctors, May I say, I spend a lot of money too but they were not able to find the issue nor a solution. When I met Dr. Jacob Kurian the first time I was in tears because of my severe pain, he careful heard and checked me. He worked with me for 2 more sittings and found the solution. To my surprise, my pain was gone in 2nd sitting. I would say that people who have similar problem, I highly recommend him. He is EXCELLENT DOCTOR and i am deeply indebted to him. I think he is friendly, understanding, caring and most of all HE KNOWS WHAT IS DOING. Dr. Kurian "A million thanks to you for everything."

- Jaya

I visited Dr. Jacob Kurian earlier this year when I was having recurring cervical disc issues that prohibited me from doing my usual daily activities. I had a lateral discectomy surgery in 2003 for a similar issue in my neck, and certainly did not want to go through another surgery. I was nervous that my new injury was going to be similar to the one I had 2003, and that PT would not help. Luckily, I was referred to Dr. Jacob Kurian and his team. I came for physical therapy three times a week and felt 100% better in just over one month. There is no doubt that Dr. Jacob Kurian's unique therapy methods expedited my recovery. I would fully recommend Dr. Jacob Kurian to any of my family or friends!

- Chris P

Dr. Jacob Kurian did a wonderful job diagnosing and treating a herniated disk as well as my elbow tendinitis. He used Mulligan therapy, which was new to me. He worked with me using the "glide" techniques, and also taught me strengthening exercises and "self snags" for my back which I can use for maintainance and flare ups. I would recommend him also for the gentleness and kindness which he shows to all the clients.

- Kathleen McCarthy

I had a lot of pain in my knees from playing basketball over the years. I thought I would have to have surgery or quit playing. After a few visits with Dr. Jacob Kurian, my knee pain was gone! He showed me how to take care of my knee in the long run. Thanks!!

- Jeff Johnson

I have been coming to physical therapy since Spring 2011 following various surgeries for sarcoma of the spine T12, October 5th 2010 removal of tumor T12 – Hardware inserted to support spine, October 22nd 2010 blood clot in right leg & right lung after surgery, November 29th 2011 pin had to be cut, April 5th 2012 filter procedure, April 19th 2012 removal of T12 replaced with a cage, April 23rd 2012 additional hardware to support upper spine, July 30th through August 3rd 2012 Cyberknife 5 days & half hour sessions each day, and I was also diagnosed with scoliosis.

Physical therapy has made it possible to walk and climb stairs and has made it possible for me to have a normal life. I never thought I would be able to drive, thanks to physical therapy over my back has improved so I can sit for longer periods.

I would and have recommended Enhanced Physical Therapy to my family, friends, and my neurosurgeons. They are very professional and caring of me and all the patients. The hands of care is remarkable taking the time to explain each exercise in order to receive the maximum benefit. My best days are the days I go to physical therapy.

Enhanced Physical Therapy is the only one which I have experienced for this back surgery so I cannot compare. Had I not felt such improvement each visit I would have sought another PT office. I have been very fortunate.

- Maia Candida

Having worked as a court reporter for close to 40 years I developed herniated cervical discs from those long hours in the courtroom. Discomfort progressing to severe pain was my constant companion. Even after retirement the pain continued, at times totally disabling me.

From the very first treatment I received from Dr. Jacob Kurian I felt relief and much reduced pain. The whole regimen, from the electric stimulation, the exercises that are always supervised, and of course the treatment by either Dr. Kurian or one of his excellent staff, has so benefitted me that my quality of life is much improved. The mulligan treatment which Dr. Kurian applies is especially beneficial to me since is just seems to lift me out of the zone of pain.

Because I got so much relief I naturally want to refer another suffering person to this office. Aside receiving relief from pain, learning the proper exercises to do at home is most beneficial. Also, whether it is my neck, knees or hips, I have learned that with the proper exercises one can avoid surgery.

I have never been to a PT, only chiropractors. While I received some relief from different chiropractors over the years, it was not nearly to the degree I got from PT.

- Hanni Planos

I went to Dr. Jacob Kurian approximately 3 years ago with intense back pain that felt like a pinched nerve, which I had experienced several years before. At that time physical therapy with others did nothing, I needed injections. With Dr. Jacob Kurian it was different. At the first visit he evaluated me then did a Mulligan treatment himself. I walked out that first visit treatment, and my pain was decreased by 50%. I came back 3 times per week for just a few weeks and by the end of treatments my back was pain free. All the therapists and aids were friendly, competent, and so helpful. They set me up and didn’t just leave me on my own. They watched me and helped me do the exercises properly. I was stretched out also.

Since my car accident in 1998/99 I had been to several physical therapy offices, and no other ones can compare. I went back to Dr. Jacob Kurian after a rotator cuff surgery and prior to and after my bilateral knee replacements. It’s always the same, everyone knows my name, story, everyone is helpful, and adjusts my treatment. The facility is kept in immaculate condition, and the staff are total professionals. They work you hard but the results are worth it. What sets Enhanced Physical Therapy apart from other physical therapy offices are their hand on approach, results, and personalization.

- Marilyn Vitullo

1 year ago I started with a swollen knee, it kept getting worse that I couldn’t even walk. Enhanced Physical Therapy helped my knee a lot, it has definitely improved. In only 6 visits I got a lot better. I would recommend Enhanced Physical Therapy because everyone that works there is very good, and they have helped a lot. The exercises at Enhanced Physical Therapy are very good, which aided a lot.

- Vitor Araujo

This winter I fell on ice on my back, the back slowly recovered but my knees took much longer, probably stretched during the fall. MRI showed advanced thinning of the cartilage. Also for the past 2 years I have had sciatica – there was no treatment for this I hadn’t tried.

Enhanced Physical Therapy has helped my knees tremendously to the point where pain is virtually gone, and for the first time I have had days with no sciatic pain. I really attribute this relief to the exercises I have been doing at the direction of Dr. Jacob Kurian.

I would highly recommend Enhanced PT to my friends because there is never any down time – the entire time you are in the exercise room you are working. I have been to too many rehabs where because there was not enough staff you are doing nothing much of the time.

Everyone who works at the office, starting with the receptionists, are friendly and kind. They all have a sense of humor and are super competent at their jobs. I have been very happy with my treatment.

- Mary Fleck

As a healthy 75 year old male, I take pride in my physical fitness. I recently had right knee replacement (TKR) and was a patient at Enhanced Physical Therapy. I was impressed by the professional attitude of the staff and the therapy they provided. Exemplary people, delivering exemplary results and service is friendly, “family” atmosphere. Dr. Jacob Kurian took on the challenge of working with me, accessing my weaknesses, and implementing a plan of action. Stretching/strengthening exercises has helped me so much in maintaining my independence! More importantly, Dr. Jacob has the gift to instill confidence! Which meant so much to me. Again! The staff is awesome, I wish to say a heartfelt thank you to all the staff, Steve, and Dr. Jacob.

Physical therapy for me has helped me a great deal. It has made me stronger and more flexible. In my daily life PT has helped me relieve my pain, and restore muscle and joint function. I would absolutely recommend Enhanced PT to friends, there is no doubt about it. I have been at Enhanced PT for almost 3 months. Dr. Jacob, not only is he great, but his team is amazing. Everyone is so helpful and always smiling. They are all good at what they do!

The most valuable aspect of my experience was that Enhanced PT has highly educated staff who helped me improve, and restore my mobility, and reduce pain after my knee surgery. They were constantly motivating me and accessing my response to each treatment, and made adjustments as needed.

What sets Enhanced PT apart from other physical therapy offices is that everybody is so caring and always willing to go above and beyond their limitations to accommodate me and guided me back to better functionality and activity! They are awesome, especially Dr. Jacob!

- Mathew Koshy

I suffered from chronic lower back pain and had to undergo spinal surgery. For years my lower back pain improved and I was quite comfortable. One year ago the lower back pain worsened to the point where I wasn’t able to take many breaks. Presently I am able to cook and do household chores which was only possible with physical therapy. Each day is an improvement at Enhanced Physical Therapy, as my mobility increases each time.

I would recommend Enhanced Physical Therapy because the service and attention I received was amazing. The best part of my experience at Enhanced Physical Therapy was the individual, one on one care. At other PT offices the time per session was less, and can’t be compared to Enhanced Physical Therapy.

- Annamma John

I am recently a discharged 80 year old patient of Enhanced Physical Therapy where I had undergone a regiment of physical therapy for approximately 10 weeks. This therapy was prescribed by my neurologist and was to treat injuries I had sustained to my neck and back as a result of an accident I had in late October 2015. A cat scan taken at Winthrop Hospital ER the day after the accident failed to disclose evidence of any fractures or dislocations. However, sprains and strains in the areas left me with steady pain, swelling, and immobility thus affecting my activities of daily living.

Throughout the course of my treatment at Enhanced Physical Therapy I saw and felt a gradual diminution of symptoms and the rigidly in my upper torso started to show signs of flexibility thus allowing me to sleep better, to resume my regular driving habits and to reduce taking certain medication.

I would recommend Enhanced Physical Therapy because they employ a group of young, talented, and intelligent men and women all of whom in their specific roles exhibit knowledge, dedication, and patient concern. Dr. Jacob Kurian and his staff are all amazingly comprehensive. I was particularly impressed by the one on one care and treatment given to each patient by the staff, constantly displaying a sense of employee teamwork.

- Richard O'Callaghan

One night I was awakened by a piercing pain in my left wrist and thumb, in addition my whole hand was badly swollen. I visited an orthopedist and was told I had a rheumatoid condition, he injected my wrist and recommended Enhanced Physical Therapy. I met with Dr. Jacob Kurian and his staff and good things began to happen. During my wrists treatments I was given electrical stimulation with ice, various exercises, and machines to use. The biggest plus was the hand manipulation performed by Dr. Jacob. At first my hand was very tender; but little by little I could feel great relief and the swelling was lessening. I had treatment 3 times a week for 8 weeks. I was never left waiting and each day was free of any form of complaint.

The entire staff from the desk to the treatment rooms to the gym was professional, friendly, and most helpful. The outstanding feature however is that Dr. Jacob has magic in his fingers, or so it seems. I would not hesitate to refer anyone I can to Enhanced Physical Therapy.

- Audrey Reed

I am a woman who has been dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis for several years now. I have had different areas that have bothered me throughout the years. A couple of months ago I started to have difficulty walking. After working one day and going home after dinner I could not walk on both legs, could not sleep, could barely walk, and it was very hard to get up from a chair. I had to take leave of absence from work for several months. Wondering if I would be able to walk again. My sister-in-law found Enhanced Physical Therapy because she needed help. She told me about her short time there and already felt great. So I came to get my back on track.

Upon receiving treatment from Enhanced PT after getting stretched I was told I could then tie my shoes, and it was true that I could. Everyone is so pleasant and extremely knowledgeable. Coming here for such a short time, I am so amazed with my results! I am back to my normal self already. I was able to go back to work in only 7 visits. This place is so incredible I cannot say enough good things about this office. I can tie my shoes and sit in Indian style. I also did numerous exercises at home that was also key to getting better.

I would absolutely recommend everyone to come home here. I went from not walking, barely sleeping, depression, not able to bend down to tie my shoes, even hard to put pants on. I’m back to my old self now. When patients, along with myself are exercising, all of the staff watch everyone to make sure you are doing it correctly. If incorrect they will come over to correct your movements. It’s 100% hands on which you don’t find everywhere, and personalized attention.

I had been to one previously before coming to Enhanced PT. I used 14 visits and didn’t show much improvement the whole time. They showed you exercises and then basically walked away. No hands on, no personalized experience. Most of my visits were wasted since I only get 30 per year. I am so very happy my sister-in-law found Enhanced PT. This office is absolutely a life saver. Thank you Dr. Jacob Kurian for you and your staff’s dedication to healing people. In my opinion Enhanced PT is the best!

- Janet D. Heubner

I came for physical therapy because I had pain in my lower back, right hip an right swollen knee. Primarily due to arthritis, I got into the habit of “waddling” during the past ten years and ultimately resulted in poor posture.

At the initial examination and evaluation by Dr. Jacob Kurian, I was very impressed with his diagnosis, suggested method of treatment and his positive belief that I would reach my goals.

Enhanced PT has had many benefits for me. Throughout the months of therapy, I no longer have any arthritis pain, my posture greatly improved and I have re-learned how to walk. I no longer use a cane indoors and only occasionally when needed for safety outdoors.

All therapists and aides were extraordinary! Each was there to help you improve during each session by continually assisting you with your individual specified program…what I have learned is that for a continuous better well-being I must practice!!!

- Margaret Sweeney

It’s with both pride and privilege to be able to post, and share my feelings and experience with you readers about the most talented man in physical therapy, Dr. Jacob. To be treated by this man and get to know him was truly a gift from God. It’s important to stress this man’s skill, knowledge, and commitment to healing your tragic injury because I received that very same blessing to stumble into his office lost in search of help. The helplessness one feels when confronted with crisis, bodily injury, and multiple decisions to insure proper recovery all begins with the first step walking into his office. Until your body has been really damaged you don’t realize how perfect your body was designed by our makers. Only through the rebuilding of the repairs needed, do you realize this complexity. It’s Dr. Jacob’s attention to the smallest details in your treatments that you realize the road to recovery might be long but, it’s so short once you start. His staff is a unique bunch of funny, caring individuals that become part of your circle of friends and family. I swear by this man and his staff if they can’t fix you, nobody can. Be good to yourself, call this man’s office now! Best of luck.

- Sam Zagoory

When I first came into Enhanced Physical Therapy, I was in a lot of pain and my ability to move around was restricted. After six weeks, however, I am happy to say that I am pain free and a lot more mobile. Everyone at EPT made me feel special with their knowledgeable, experienced, and caring attitudes. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who seeks top professional care. Thank you guys and God bless you all.

- Mohan Lall