Difference between Mobilization and Manipulation

It’s a topic of interest as many are curious to know the difference between joint mobilization and manipulation. Joint mobilizations are very gentle and graded based on the part of the joint that we are working while manipulations are quick thrust at the anatomical end range of the joint. Mobilization and manipulation are performed mostly by physical therapists trained in manual therapy. Manipulation also called adjustments are performed by chiropractors.

Among Mobilization techniques, Mobilization with Movement (MWM), developed by Brian Mulligan is widely practiced by the physical therapists, a few chiropractors, and osteopaths. The most interesting factor in the wide acceptance of MWM technique is that it’s performed in the absence of pain through the entire range of motion and that the patient is in control of the movement, whereas in manipulation the application is vigorous and could be painful.

It is pertinent to the application and effectiveness of an MWM that elimination of pain is achieved throughout the technique. Studies have shown that MWM treatment is found to be superior in comparison to manipulation. Brian Mulligan’s movement with mobilization is the only technique that could be carried out in a functional plane, example could be utilized during a squat, a dance move, a bowling or a pitching action. Mobilization with movement can be performed on the spinal and as well as the peripheral joints. Also, MWM treatments have proved its effectiveness in functional improvements.  

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