Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), which means it’s time to show your support for those currently battling breast cancer as well as for those who have survived. Across the United States, there are many opportunities to support the cause, such as fundraisers and walks, during the month of October. These activities help raise money for  breast cancer research, which has helped decrease breast cancer deaths over the past decade. These activities also help raise awareness on proper early diagnosis for women, helping saves many lives each year.

It is important to re-examine your cancer screening this month. Women of all ages should be doing monthly self-breast exams to ensure there are no lumps developing. An annual mammography screening is also recommended for women over the age of 40. If you have a family history, your doctor might suggest more frequent tests in order to catch any early signs.

See your doctor immediately if you discover any lumps. Catching breast cancer early allows for a best case prognosis. Some surgery might be inevitable, causing some discomfort as well as difficulty with range of motion in the arms, chest and shoulders. If you are currently preparing to undergo breast cancer surgery of any severity, be prepared for the healing time afterward.

Many breast cancer survivors find that physical therapy is crucial to the post-surgery process. A physical therapist will help you adjust safely to any muscle tissue changes or trauma incurred due to the cancer as well as the surgery process. Part of winning the battle with breast cancer is returning to your daily activities as soon as possible with minimal daily discomfort.


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