Post-Op Rehab Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement surgery can be a scary procedure to go through. However, it is an extremely common operation performed on many people. For most people, it takes up to 3 months for a person to resume daily activities, after total knee replacement surgery and from 6 to 12 months to regain full strength and endurance. Thanks to modern advances in medicine and science, it is very easy for people to recover from a total knee replacement with the proper care and rigorous physical therapy.

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ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation

ACL injuries can be devastating and are becoming all too common in high impact sports or those in which there is a lot of stopping and starting. Those that play stop and go sports or those in which quick cuts are more susceptible to ACL injuries. Although recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery seems like a daunting task, medical advances have made it quicker and easier than ever. Continue reading ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation

The Mulligan Concept for the Hand

The Mulligan Concept is a newer technique being used in Physical Therapy.  The secret behind the Mulligan Concept is applying a skillful, moving pressure to a stressed or painful target area.  Now do not be put off by ‘stress’ or ‘painful’, because the concept is not a painful one.  The Mulligan Concept results in a feeling of relief more than it introduces any pain.  Consider any time your shoulders have ached whether it is from lifting boxes or sleeping too hard or one side.  Think back and remember how you might have stretched that shoulder down and rubbed your fingers along the joint to relieve tension and pain, the Mulligan Concept follows the same idea. Continue reading The Mulligan Concept for the Hand

Headache Treatments in Mineola: Introducing the Mulligan Concept

Are you suffering from migraines and are looking for headache treatments in Mineola? Headache pain can be a tricky health issue. Sometimes, all you need to do to alleviate your pain is to take some ibuprofen. Other times, the pain can be so excruciating that you cannot see straight or move. There are many different headache treatments that can be used to resolve your pain. Many of these headache treatments can be done at home with remedies such as: Continue reading Headache Treatments in Mineola: Introducing the Mulligan Concept